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Star Wars: The Old Republic - The Friends of SW:TOR… Unlock: Crew Skill Slot – This item will grant an additional Crew Skill slot to a maximum of 3. Customization Control: Character Display TitlesYou can track your rewards, see which of your referred friends have joined the program, and if they’ve subscribed through the Friends of SWTOR... Swtor Crew Skill Guides Swtor Crew Skill Guides; Includes guides to help you understand, raise, profit from and maximize your potential with all Crew Skills.Bioware calls the profession skills in Swtor "Crew Skills". The reason for this is because you share your ability to craft and gather items with all of your companions, also...

SWTOR CREW SKILLS TIPS – Bonus! Players will have three crew skill slots to fill with any combination of Gathering, Crafting, Mission skills. However, a player may not fill more than one slot with a crafting skill. This will force specialization and make sure that players are not self-sufficient...

What good is a rag-tag band of droids, humans, and aliens if you can't put them to work? Crew Skills allow you to unload some of the burden of the more mundane tasks of gathering and crafting to ... Crafting Guide - Star Warsmmoleveling Guide Crafting Skills. Whether your team gathers resources or you acquire them through other means, they’ll be the cornerstone of crafting. Depending on how you choose to specialize, your crew will be able to construct armor, weapons, implants, or other types of useful items and gear. Armormech Crafted Sets - TOR Fashion

A page for describing StarWarsTheOldRepublic: Tropes A to G. 2-D Space: Played straight with the game's Galaxy Map. Justified, as a spiral galaxy (like the …

Ultimate SWTOR Beginners Guide: All You Need to Know Apr 28, 2017 · This step-by step Ultimate SWTOR Beginners guide will take you from the character creation, through your first steps all the way into the Preparations for EndGame! It’s for Beginner players and, perhaps, some returning veterans who want to catch up with what has changed and how. Star Wars: The Old Republic | Create Account As of July 21st, 2011, if you are creating a new SWTOR.com account, you must also have a matching EA account. If you already have an EA account that uses the same email address as the one you're attempting to use here, we will set your EA password, date of birth, language and country to match the account information you enter on SWTOR.com.

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Grants all characters on your account an additional slot for a Crew Skill. You can have a maximum of 3 Crew Skills per character. Applies the selected unlock to all Characters on your Account.